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    Watch How Google X Employees Deal With Failure

    An inside look at the inner-workings of Google’s top-secret research lab.

    Google X isn’t like most R&D labs. In this month’s featureFast Company was granted first-of-its kind access into Google’s top-secret research laboratory, where “moonshots” trump real-world feasibility, and failure is openly encouraged. “If we can get to a no quickly on an idea, that’s almost as good as getting to a yes,” says Rich DeVaul, head of Google X’s Rapid Evaluation team in the video above. Hit play to watch what happens when the very active imaginations of some very smart people are given free rein to fail.

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    Listen: The ‘Mad Men’ theme was originally a mediocre rap song

    On Sunday night, Mad Men returned for it’s 7th and final season. At the opening, the famous title credits played. They sounded, as usual, instantly familiar and completely iconic. But there’s a strange story behind their creation. The Mad Men theme song wasn’t written for Mad Men at all; it was actually originally an unknown rap song by DJ RJD2 and rapper Aceyalone.

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    That is so much cooler now.


    The First Total Lunar Eclipse of 2014 Will Be Visible Tonight In North and South America

    The Blood Moon

    Why a Mentor is Critical to Your Success


    Stanford GSB faculty, staff, alumni, and guests share their thoughts on mentorship, role models, empowerment, and success:

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    "If you hire, train, and mentor correctly, you’ll have someone who is better than you are. If they’re not, you haven’t done your job." –Chef Thomas Keller
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    Land Rover debuts invisible car technology

    Thats fucking dope.

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